Reference Cats

This page is lovingly dedicated to the cats who have produced kittens for us. Without the past there is no future and we would not be where we are today without these special cats.

Reference Queens

RW SGC QGCA Dadaelis Palu of Leopardfuzz
TICA Supreme Grand Champion in 6 shows
Regional Winner - 2008-2009 Great Lakes Region 20th Best Shorthair Cat in just 3 Shows

Quadruple Grand Champion Alter in just 3 shows

HCM screened NEGATIVE 9-24-08 and 11-25-08

In a cruel twist of fate, Palu had to be retired from our program after just one litter. Palu was shown as an alter a couple times and did have a successful alter career also. She has since gone on to be a therapy cat with her new family. This is one very special girl! 

Produced kittens exclusively for LeopardFuzz Bengals in 2008

QGC Leopardfuzz Soñador AKA Sonya
 TICA Quadruple Grand Champion

HCM screened NEGATIVE 9-24-08

Soña was our first homegrown queen at Leopardfuzz. Her kittens were beautiful, but Sonya did not particularly enjoy being a mother and we made the decision to spay her when she required a C-section.

Produced kittens exclusively for LeopardFuzz Bengals in 2008

SpottedPaws Porsche of Leopardfuzz AKA Aurora

HCM screened NEGATIVE 9-24-08

Aurora produced some of our nicest kittens, however, it was time for her to experience life without hormones and retire as a pet.

Produced kittens exclusively for LeopardFuzz Bengals 2006-2008

Legacie Briar Rose of Leopardfuzz AKA Rose

HCM screened NEGATIVE 9-24-2008

Rose developed a uterine infection and required an emergency spay to save her life. She is now enjoying life as a pampered pet.

Produced kittens exclusively for LeopardFuzz Bengals 2007-2008

CH Leopardfuzz Prodigy AKA Prada
TICA Champion

HCM screened NEGATIVE 10-7-09

While Prada never gave us any viable kittens, we are proud to say she was born, raised, and shown in our program!

CH Leopardfuzz Magnetica AKA Maggie
TICA Champion

HCM screened NEGATIVE 10-7-09

Maggie required c-sections to deliver both of her litters. She was an awesome mother and her kittens were gorgeous, but we could not safely breed her again. Maggie was spayed while under anesthetic for her second c-section.

Produced kittens exclusively for Leopardfuzz Bengals 2010-2011

Leospride Voodeaux of Leopardfuzz

HCM screened NEGATIVE 3-2-2011

Voodeaux produced by far some of the best brown rosetted kittens coming out of our program when bred to Sabor. As we decided to downsize our program, Voodeaux was retired.

Produced kittens exclusively for LeopardFuzz Bengals 2010-2012

Leopardfuzz Osaka Sunrise AKA Saki

HCM screened NEGATIVE 3-2-2011

As special as Saki is and as gorgeous as her kittens were, we retired Saki when we decided to put our breeding program on hold. Saki is now living as a spoiled pet with Rose.

Produced kittens exclusively for LeopardFuzz Bengals 2011-2012

Reference Studs

RW SGC Goldspurr Sabor of Leopardfuzz

Regional Winner - 2006-2007 Great Lakes Region 18th Best Shorthair Cat
TICA Supreme Grand Champion in 10 Shows

HCM screened NEGATIVE 9-24-08

HCM screened NEGATIVE 10-7-09

HCM screened NEGATIVE 3-2-2011

We are so proud to call this once in a lifetime boy ours. From being a show star to an outstanding stud to a blood donor, Sabor is a very special cat. As amazing as his kittens always were, at over 6 years old, he deserved to retire from breeding and live life as a spoiled pet. Sabor captured our hearts so much that we kept him as one of our beloved pets.

Produced kittens for LeopardFuzz and several other catteries through stud service from 2006-2011.

RW SGC TheRealms Picasso

HCM screened NEGATIVE 7-31-2009

HCM screened NEGATIVE 5-5-2010

HCM screened NEGATIVE 5-9-2011

Picasso is an amazing boy that I had dreamed of working with for a long time. He gave us a couple really nice litters. However, at 7 years old, he deserved to end his breeding career and live life out as a pet. 

Produced kittens for many catteries, including LeopardFuzz throughout his breeding career.

RW SGC PurrlawnRouge Regis

Regional Winner - 2007-2008 Great Lakes Region 20th Best Shorthair Cat
TICA Supreme Grand Champion

HCM screened NEGATIVE 10-7-09

Regis came to us on loan from our good friends, Talia and Greg Morrill, of Purrlawnrouge Bengals. We only had 1 kitten out of him during his time here, but she is a beauty. We are also proud to add Regis to our list of show cats as he was able to achieve the title of Supreme Grand Champion while in our care. Regis is now back at Purrlawnrouge Bengals in Southern Illinois.

Divasden Phantom of Leopardfuzz

HCM screened NEGATIVE 9-24-2008

As beautiful as his kittens were, Phantom did not enjoy the breeder cat lifestyle. He is now retired.

Produced kittens exclusively for LeopardFuzz Bengals in 2008

Divasden Kodiak of Leopardfuzz

HCM screened NEGATIVE 5-28-09

Kodiak was a boy that we had a lot of hope in and he grew up here. However, his first litter was a disaster, so the difficult decision was made to neuter him. Kodiak is now living life as a pampered pet.

GRC Boydsbengals Aspen of Leopardfuzz

TICA Grand Champion in his first show!

A devastating blow to our program, Aspen tested positive for HCM in May 2011. He was neutered immediately.